How Did Ariel Winter Lose Weight

American actress Ariel Winter has been in the news for almost a decade, most recently about how she lost weight.

She is most known for her part in Modern Family. However, she is also the voice behind Sofia the First and Disney Junior.


Ariel Winter Weight Loss Story

First let me make it clear that Ariel Winter’s weight loss story is not as fascinating as some other celebrities who lost weight.

She has been trolled for losing such dramatic weight loss and people have randomly accused her of surgery and drug use

Recently she provided all the answers to this question on her Instagram. In fact, she had also lost some weight previously when she underwent breast reduction surgery and went from size 32F to 34D.

But the recent weight loss has been mainly the result of a change in her anti-depression medicine. She said in an Instagram post that she had been taking a medicine for a long time. Though the medicine was not working, still it had weigh gain as its side effect.

And no matter how hard she tried to lose weight, she was not successful.

She said that she has been visiting for psychiatric sessions every week for almost 6 years.

However, recently her doctor changed her medicine to a different combination of medicines and this resulted in a lot of weight loss for her. The new medicine has improved her metabolism and she also lost a lot of water weight.

However, it is not just change of medicine. She also goes to gym regularly. She wants to build muscle because she understands that muscles are calorie burners.

She has not followed a particular diet. She believes in eating everything in moderation. In fact she likes carbs and sugars but she tries to burn these in gym.