5 Alternative Therapies to Control Emotional Overeating

alternative therapies for emotional eatingEmotional overeating makes you feel like in a jail – there appears to be no escape from the vicious cycle of feeling sad, anxious and angry and then take recourse to eating to reduce the emotional pain. Different conventional treatments are available for emotional eating.

Conventional treatments, medication and surgery have all been used at different times for treating emotional overeating. However, there are also some alternative therapies for controlling overeating which might be explored. The 5 most popular of these are:

Alternative therapies for emotional overeating


Since the cycle of emotional overeating begins in mind, therefore, hypnosis is believed to be very effective becasue it uses the the power of suggestion to address the mind directly. Hypnosis is different from the numbo-jumbo cartoon stuff or swinging pocket watches. This is a real clinical practice which has been used to treat emotional overeating successfully.


The main purpose of meditation as a treatment option for emotional overeating is to “tune in” to the emotional though center which causes cravings or leads to binge eating. Meditation, which may sometimes be in the form of a technique called “mindfulness” is directly opposite to what can be called mindLESSness. This state of mindlessness is cause of emotional overeating. The patient does not have any idea bout what he or she is doing at a moment. This may also be called mindless eating.

Herbal Supplements

There is always a newer herbal supplement for weight loss in the market. But there are definitely some herbs which can aid you in addressing the issue of emotional overeating. Some of these herbs are:

  • Hoodia – This is a very popular herb which is associated with appetite suppression and energy boosting. It has subtle effects and also enjoys good safety record.
  • Vitex – This is hormone-balancing herb for women which can be used to address the emotional overeating caused by imbalance and fluctuations of hormones.
  • Ginseng – This is an ancient herb which helps you in controlling sugar cravings and also suppresses the urge to overeat in response to emotional situations. Both the Asian and the American ginseng are said to be of equal effectiveness.


There is often a question about if acupuncture can help with weight loss. The general answer is yes but this is not always the case. However, generally acupuncture has more successful record in case of treating emotional overeating than in case of overeating. This might be the result of the release of endorphins and metabolism boosting capabilities of acupuncture. This might make the patient feel emotionally better which will cut the emotional overeating.


In fact, the right balance of minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients in the body may affect emotional overeating. It does not take much effort to think that nutritional deficiencies might be a contributing factor to this type of overeating. Therefore, ensure that the food you eat is not based on too much artificial, process or pre-packaged foods. Always choose fresh and wholesome foods in general. It is also a good idea to carefully choose and take a vitamin and mineral supplement that suits you.