Addressing the Habits That Make You Fat

overeating habitsYou will be surprised to know that overeating is not itself a habit. Rather it is the result of habits and you can definitely make overeating and the resultant weight loss a thing of the past if you can resolve those habits.

Humans are habitual in nature and most of the things that we do daily are driven by habits.

The big issue with habits is that these start with very minor changes in lifestyle and these even go unnoticed many a time. However, once these changes turn into habits, it is a tough work then to break the cycle of habit and bring change.

A lot of overweight people have a lot of bad habits which all combine and the result is the kind of state they find themselves resigned to.

And what makes these habits even dangerous in case of food is the involvement of food and its reaction with our body. Particularly those food which are of low nutritional value cause undesired hunger and then we keep on eating in ever increasing quantities to satisfy the hunger cycle.

You must have also seen yourself eating more when you are in a specific state of mind. Many people tend to eat a lot more when they are lonely, depressed, sad or happy etc because these different emotions are hunger triggers too.

These habits which are related to emotional state of mind are one of the most difficult ones to break because most of the times we are hardly even aware that these habits are there with us.

Definitely when you think about the whole process of emotional eating, there will be a visible pattern. But most of the time you are totally unaware of these habits unless you are pointed to these by others. This is so because the focus in such situations is to feel better and it is generally believed that food is one such activity that brings about this change.

However, this is the not the actual solution to the problem and only leads to a lot more problems and the cycle of overeating and weight gain keeps repeating itself.