7 Healthier Ingredients for Favorite Dishes

turkey baconIt is not an easy transition to switch from eating junk food to eating healthier foods. Most of the people keep on thinking to start eating healthier foods but they are not ready to make the because they fear losing their favorite dishes. For some it is just like losing a dear friend.

However, it is still possible to enjoy the both. It is still possible to keep enjoying your favorite and most delicious dishes even when you are switching to healthier diet. All that is required is to replace the fattening food ingredients with healthier options and and healthy dish will be ready for you. These dishes will still have great taste. Given below are some of the possible way to change your favorite dishes to healthier dishes by replacing and tweaking a few ingredients used in these:

Bacon – Many of favorite food recipes have bacon as an ingredient. It is still possible to continue with bacon but perhaps you should start using a healthier one. Turkey bacon is a healthier option and its taste is to liking of most people. Another alternative is to use fake bacon because of lower fats and calories in it.

Eggs – Eggs are universal in so many recipes from pancakes to desserts to quiches. However, eating too many eggs is not a healthy option. As an alternative you can make user of egg substitute foods or even you may start using only egg whites and not the whole egg.

Flour – Make use of whole wheat flour and not the bleached white flour we are so used to. Whole wheat flour is a healthier option and it also adds an extra little taste to your favorite dishes. If you are pasta lover, whole wheat noodles are also better.

Olive Oil – A healthier option for cooking your food is olive oil instead of normal oil and lard which is used at homes or in the foods cooked in the restaurants. Use olive oil in making dishes instead of corn oil. Every less calories keep adding up to increased weight loss.

Chicken – Make use of chicken in your favorite dishes but ensure that you use chicken without skin. Skin is the unhealthiest part of a chicken’s meat. It is a great source of protein for you but only when you have removed skin.

Cocoa – A healthier choice you can make is using cocoa in place of real chocolate in some dishes. This also puts you in control of how much sugar you want to add to a dish.

Honey – Honey can be used sometimes to replace sugar in your dishes. You still get a sweet taste but this sugar is better for your body. Artificial sweeteners are also an option if you like but these are not as healthy as honey and many people do not like their taste either.

So start eating healthier without compromising on your favorite dishes and that you can do by knowing the healthier ingredients which you can use to make those favorite dishes instead of the unhealthier ingredients that you normally use to make those dishes.