Is 6 Pack Abs Dream an Impossible One?

This question has crossed many people’s minds as they have struggled hard to get washboard abs which leave the beautiful girls sighing. Apparently it looks quite easy to get six pack abs with all the men in their shorts parading around and showing their abs. So why is it so difficult to get a six pack?

First of all, it is not wise to believe whatever is flashed on TV screen. The directors of these TV programs will not gain any viewership if they cast a fat slob as an action hero in these TV series. Even some of the biggest actors also go on hardcore training and dieting before facing the camera. For example, Heny Cavill trained for 11 long months for Man of Steel.

What kind of cardio and workouts for 6 pack abs?

Having patience is crucial. Your training sessions need to be intense and rewarding if you want to see your abs. And there has to be a mix of cardio workouts and resistance training, may be on alternate days. And you should be doing workouts for the whole body and these should mostly comprise of compound movements.

The cardio sessions should also be of the high intensity type. Most of these sessions should leave you gasping for air and panting. Every workout should leave you with soaked shirts. You must raise your metabolic rate and all these workouts must be so intense that your body feels an oxygen deficit and starts producing lactic acid.

When your body feels an oxygen deficit after a workout, you will benefit from an afterburn effect. It means that your body will constantly be burning fat even up to 12 hours after you have finished your workout. And you can benefit from this afterburn effect only if your workouts are of high intensity nature.

So is it enough? Actually it gets even tougher.

The diet factor

Your diet also needs to be spot on. You should be careful about whatever you eat. Eating empty calories like candy, chocolates and sodas is out of question. Your diet has to be wholesome and clean with balanced proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fats. And to top all of this, you should be eating with a calorie deficit of 500 per day.

This is where most guys can not keep up with. They find it hard to handle their diet. Or may be the sacrifice of favorite food is too much. After a few days the body starts to crave for the cheesy and unhealthy pizzas and burgers. The pasta, burger, pizza, beer and ice-creams keep beckoning them. The moment they give in to these temptations a little and eat a slice of any of these and soon they are eating a whole pan of pizza.

The workouts, however hard they are, can not fully compensate a poor diet. The calories start to build and in many cases, weight gain is the result what to talk of losing fat. This gets very depressing because they still workout hard at the gym and they get a feeling to quit. What they do not understand is that they themselves are sabotaging their workouts at the gym with poor diet choices. They fail to clearly comprehend that there are many sacrifices on way to getting a six pack and patience is very much required in all this.

It is not that easy what they see on the TV screen. Only about two percent of the world’s people have ripped abs. And this low percentage means there is a reason behind it. It is difficult to get six pack but is certainly NOT unattainable. It is a dream worth achieving and it surely can be achieved.

Anybody who is really desperate to get a six pack and has the will to endure the intense workouts and keep a balance diet will see his six pack if he remains patient. It is almost guaranteed. It surely is a dream that can come true.

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