6 Effective Tips for Summer weight Loss

Losing weight is quite a difficult task but one reason that can push you to lose weight is summer.

Who doesn’t want to spend time the beach with a perfect beach worthy body? Some would like to fit in a bikini they have. Whatever your reason for losing weight for summer, the formula for successful weight loss is the same.

summer weight loss

Realistic Weight Loss Tips for summer

Here are our top 6 tips to get you a beach ready body for summer season:

Pick a proper nutiriton plan

Did you notice that it is a nutrition plan and not a diet plan? Because the word diet has become synonymous with starving to lose weight.

Losing weight for summer does not mean that you avoid food. You should rather pick proper foods rich in nutrients and in proper portions.

Do not make the mistake of cutting your carbohydrates from your diet in severe weight. This will push your body into survival mode where the body will slow down metabolism and produce more fat.

Eating smaller meals for several times during the day is a good strategy as long as you get enough nutrients in a day. While it is advisable to cut back fats and carbs from your diet, but taking them completely out of your diet is not recommended at all

Get enough sleep

While it may appear counterproductive but getting enough sleep is vital for losing fat. People who are not getting enough sleep at night are generally eating more food to stay active.

Most of them will shift to high energy drinks like sodas and caffeine. But sugar is directly associated with more weight gain.

By sleeping between 6-8 hours a day, you allow your body to recover from fatigue and you will wake up full of energy and ready to burn calories during the day.

Cardio is essential

Any workout must include cardio because you burn calories when doing cardio exercise. Ideally you should be doing cardio five days a week if you are serious in losing weight

Stay hydrated during your workouts because our bodies use water to convert fats into energy. Plus if you will not be hydrated during exercise, you mgiht fall collapse on treadmill

Eat your food slowly

Well chewed food is digested properly by our body. This ensures that all the healthy nutrients in food are digested and become part of our body and are flushed in toilet.

Eating slowly also allows our mind to understand when we are full so that we stop eating. If you eat too fast, you will overeat.

Stay active

This is the simplest and most effective tip for summer weight loss. As long as you remain moving and active during the day, it doesn’t matter much what you are doing.

May be take the dog out for more walks. Fill your morning time with some power walks. Whatever can get your blood pumping, try to do it more during the day.

Don’t overexert in workouts

Lifting heavier weight is not linked with losing weight for most people. In fact you are more likely to gain muscle weight if you lift heavier weights because muscle tissues are denser than fat.

So you might lose fat but still gain weight. So you might end up weight more if you do heavy weight lifting only.