Why Eating Everything on Table is Not Recommended

dinner plateMost of us have been told since childhood that one should finish all the food in the plate and only then you can leave the dining table. This manner might have been introduced with the best intentions but eating everything on table is now how modern day eating should look at it. You do not have to eat everything that is in your plate.

You should stop eating if you are full irrespective of whether more food is available or not. You do not need to get rid of the food on the table because modern day refrigerators can keep food from spoiling and you can use that food at a later time. Stop eating when you are satisfied and put the rest of the food in refrigerator and eat it at the next meal or tomorrow.

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If this happens most of the time that additional food is still left on the table even after you have eaten enough, then you need to review the food quantities that you are cooking for each meal every day.

It is always better to have a little less than eating too much.

Similarly when you are eating out or attending a dinner somewhere, you should not feel obliged that you need to finish the food. The best thing is to eat to the level of feeling comfortable and not when you feel full.

Most people eat everything in their plate as a habit and this has been drummed up in their mind since childhood. This train of thought needs a reverse gear and now is the right time for that.

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Where possible place the food away from the table and take your plate after filling it with the food you intend to eat at a particular meal. This will indirectly limit your food intake because you will be away from the food source. By placing additional food readily available at the dining table, you only encourage yourself to eat more. If the food source is not in immediate sight, then you are less likely to take another serving and eat to a level where you feel full and not comfortable.

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