What is Cellulite and What Causes it

what is cellulite

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The lumpy sections beneath the skin layer is actually very embarrassing. When you are wearing your best dress and have covered these, it is quite easy to think these do not exist.

But when you need to show your skin, it is impossible to hide something which is already there. For example when you remove your clothes for your significant other, it is next to impossible to hide cellulite. And the worst thought in the world is to be reminded of your body’s imperfection at the time of feeling like romantic.

It gets quite embarassing and can negatively affecting your self confidence. In fact, cellulite can be seen even when you have not actually undressed. For example, in cooler weather when you want to put on some cooler clothes like shorts, the whole world can easily see your cellulite thighs.

If you want to hide your cellulite, forget about getting dressed in your bikini or even one piece at the beach or swimming pool. When learning about what is cellulite, you should know that it is something which even skinny people can have. Therefore, weight might be a factor aggravating the situation, it is actually not the only reason for your cellulite.

Most women get to deal with this situation at one or other point in their life. The key thing you should learn is to spot a scam treatment of cellulite and to to know how to get rid of cellulite without getting ripped off.

So What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is actually subcutaneous fat. All of us have it. And cellulite becomes noticeable when the fat deposits beneath skin in such a way that you can see it against the skin. Thinking about what is cellulite? It is a fat which is predisposed to getting clump in areas of your skin and does alter the smooth looking appearance of your body.

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Cellulite condition has different grades and grade 3 is the condition when starts to get noticeable. It is actually a myth that only those women can have cellulite who are overweight in areas like buttocks, thighs and hips.

All of us can get cellulite – but women are genetically more likely to get it because of the way women’s body has been created with certain areas of the body having more fat. Cellulite is already there in a women’s body regardless of whether she is overweight, young, poor, wealthy, slender or overweight.

Even there are many celebrities with access to resources to tone and polish their bodies have cellulite. Famous women singers and actors like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon and Rihanna are not immune from getting cellulite.

These women have had close up shots of their tones, slender but still cottage cheese thighs and buttocks printed all over the covers of famous tabloids for all the world to look at. There are many reasons due to which cellulite appears on the body of women.

What Causes Cellulite

Manufacturers of beauty products already have complete knowledge of how desperate you are to get rid of cellulite. They know very well how embarrassing and humiliating it is for women to living with dimpled skin on thighs and other parts of the body. They keep pushing out products without actually addressing what causes cellulite.

Genetics has a role to play in getting you a cellulite body. In fact your physician can prescribe a medical test to check if you are genetically pre-disposed to a certain grade of cellulite in your body.

It is not possible to change the genetics of the body. It is similar to certain people getting diseases running in the family, no matter how much care they take. Therefore, your body might be developing cellulite based on the genes passed on by your ancestors.

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Pregnancy is a beautiful period of life in every aspect but certain changes in the body are not so wonderful and you would desire they do not last for long. It is possible that you develop cellulite during your pregnancy. You might start to notice dimpled skin in the body areas where you might not have seen cellulite before.

One reason that your body starts to accumulate cellulite is because the levels of estrogen hormones are raised during pregnancy. This estrogen leads to multiplication of and its accumulation at certain parts of your body beneath the skin.

The skin of your body also soften during pregnancy. The body is being stretched to accommodate the new soul within you, therefore, the stretch marks on the skin. And these stretch marks further contribute to the way cellulite can be seen by everyone afterwards.

Certain hormonal changes in the body occurring for whatever reason can lead to cellulite. It is important that you know the hormonal effect when learning what is cellulite in detail. Growing older is also a factor. With aging, a woman’s connective tissues in skin start to lose their firmness. The production of collagen is also reduced.

While you must have heard that yo-yo dieting is really bad for you, but this might not have crossed your reading that it is also a cause of visible cellulite. You should do every bit to lose weight steadily, following a healthy eating plan and stay away from the risks that yo-yo dieting exposes your body to.

Being a couch potato all the time is also a risk that can cause cellulite. Exercise will not eliminate cellulite one hundred percent but it definitely makes it less visible and in fact with regular exercise you can make cellulite virtually unnoticeable. In our next article, we will discuss how to get rid of cellulite in all body areas.

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