How Weight Loss Reduces Your Risk of Diabetes

weight-loss-diabetesThe positive link between obesity and type 2 diabetes has been known for a few decades now. Many research studies have shown that development of insulin resistance and body’s inability to release insulin effectively cause diabetes.

Different other studies have concluded that obesity leads to insulin resistance in two ways. First the raise in the levels of plasma FFA and also the utilization of lipids by the muscles. Both of these situations decrease uptake of glucose and lead to insulin resistance. [1]

In fact obesity causes diabetes because of some other issues too. Medical research has established the link between body’s immune responses and metabolism. It has also been shown that chronic inflammation in the body is an important factor for development of diabetes, obesity and other related metabolism disease.

Other medical research during the 1990s also showed that fat cells in the body produce a chemical called adiponectin which is associated with controlling glucose in the body. Scientists have further shown over the years that body inflammation is raised by obesity and that increase the risk for diabetes by slowing metabolism. [2]

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Reducing Body Inflammation

In a recent medical study it was shown that taking an anti inflammatory medicine salsalate resulted in better glucose control over a period of 48 weeks. The study also showed that there was an increase of adiponectin by 27 percent.[3]

While the research shows that anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to prevent diabetes, but the research is still going on and it does not mean that you should start taking ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs against diabetes.

Weight Loss to Prevent Diabetes

Why go the route of taking medicine when there is an easier fix. A lot of medical research advises that you can reduce body inflammation by weight loss.

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If your BMI figure is 30 or more then you can start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle by talking to your physician or following the advice given at  ( Other options might be weight loss surgery or medication.

This is an age where food is in abundance and physical activity is optional. If you are a borderline obesity case with BMI in the range of 25 to 30, then starting a healthy diet and physical activity can not only help control your blood sugar but you can also manage your cholesterol levels and blood pressure effectively.

Shift to a diet based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, seafood and vegetable oils. Reduce added sugar in your diet and stay away from processed foods and red meat. This will reduce inflammation and decrease your chances of developing diabetes.

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