4 Easy Methods to Break Weight Loss Plateau

break-weight-loss-plateauWhen you start your weight loss journey, it is the easiest in the beginning. You always will find that losing the first few pounds of weight is a piece of cake. You will lose these easily whenever you start a weight loss program.

However, as you advance to later stages, you will note to your dismay that it gets ever more difficult to lose pounds even when you are on a healthy diet and also regularly training. This is the dreaded time when your body will not shed fat, regardless of whatever you do.

There is a term for this situation called a weight loss plateau. It can be really taxing because you are not seeing any results or benefits of all the hard work and food sacrifices you will be making.

How to break weight loss plateau

Use these 4 tips to break weight loss plateau and advance to the next level.

Bring some change

This might be the right time to change things a bit. If you have been sticking to the same type of workouts for months, you should try to change this a bit. For example, if you have been doing cardio for 30 minutes, raise it to 45 minutes.

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Switch to fast cardio or interval training, if you have been doing slow cardio. Also try to vary your training activities. You may start cycling instead of swimming. Or may be start jogging.

The real key is to keep your body in the guessing mode. Change your workout times. Alter the duration of your training. Try to change whatever is possible. Your body will be in shock with these changes and will work again to adapt to these changes.

Change your diet

Start eating different foods, if you have been on a calorie deficit diet. Add a weekly cheat day and eat whatever you like on that day but in moderation.

This method will also shock your body and likely to boost your body metabolism rate. Switch back to the calorie deficit diet for the rest of the week. Your body will be constantly guessing about what is coming. Keep things unpredictable.

However, you need to ensure that you are always following a calorie deficit diet.

Take some rest

The biggest mistake people make is training too hard without enough rest. All this extreme exercise does is burn out their body. Get a 3 day rest from exercise while still remaining on calorie deficit diet.

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If you have been doing hard cardio for too long, surprise your nervous system with a slow cardio for a week or so. There are many cases where people lost weight when took a break from training because they had been training too hard and their bodies were burned out.

Drink enough water

Drink lots of water. In order to metabolize fat, our bodies need water and oxygen. Drink enough water daily to flush out body toxins and also to metabolize fat.

When you are well hydrated, you will also perform at optimum level during training, recover faster and also your body immunity system will work better.

You will also not be always hungry. At many times, we mistake thirst for hunger and start eating food when actually our bodies are looking for water. So try to drink water whenever possible, but stay moderate and do not overdo it.

If you follow the above tips during a weight loss plateau phase, you will surely break weight loss plateau very soon and again be on the fat burning mode. Stay motivated and be patient.

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