The Salt Free Diet Plan and Benefits

salt free diet

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People following The Salt Free diet will have to cook all your meals without salt. This diet can aid greatly in rapid weight loss. When you remove salt from your diet, the lack of salt in your body will increase the removal of the extra fluids in the body.

This can prove to be especially beneficial for those who are suffering from either kidney or cardiovascular system disease. A large amount of salt in the system can cause the body to retain the fluids. This may lead to bloating and thus to an increase in weight. This increase would not be due to fat accumulation but instead it will be because of water.

Following are some regulations that have to be followed during the diet:

  1. Dieters cannot add salt to anything they eat.
  2. While cooking, try to cook for two people.
  3. Fractional power relies (about five times daily).

The Recommended Menu :

Below are some food choices for The Salt Free diet:

  1. Various cereals such as buckwheat and rice etc. can be used to make porridge.
  2. Lean meat/fish can be taken.
  3. Salt free soups or vegetable broth are allowed.
  4. Vegetables cooked without salt.
  5. Various fruits, jellies, berries and stewed fruits can also be taken.
  6. Eggs are allowed but you can only take one egg daily.

You can take dairy products such as cottage and mild cheese etc. but keep in mind that you can take these only n moderate quantities. A set amount of rye bread/crackers is also allowed.

While on this weight loss plan, you’ll have to stay away from the following:

  1. Fried foods
  2. Some categories of meat (pork, venison and lamb)
  3. Foods that are rich in fats
  4. Smoked and spicy soups and other dishes
  5. Alcoholic beverages
  6. Both fish and meat

People following this are advised to take at least two liters of water every day. Carbonated or mineral water is not allowed. Dieters can also have green tea. It is also recommended that the dieters should take a contrast shower daily. It would alternate between fifteen seconds of cold water and then fifteen seconds of warm water.

Once you’re done with The Salt Free diet you’ll likely regain 2-3 kg of your lost weight if you start eating salty dishes right after the diet. However, people are advised to keep the span for the diet between 5-14 days as prolonged absence of salt in the body could cause other problems. You should not follow this diet for more than two weeks.

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