Is the Caveman Diet Right Solution for Weight Loss

caveman dietOne of the most popular diet plans in the world is the Paleo Diet, also called the Caveman Diet. And it is among the best diet plans that you can follow. However, this is not for everyone because it is truly a challenging diet.

If you are thinking of getting on the caveman diet, then you need to read this article carefully and judge if this is the right diet for you or it will test your patience and make you scream like a rabid caveman.

What is Caveman Diet

The Paleo diet is very harsh. While most diets impose restrictions on what you can eat, most of these are usually not very severe. For example, the Zone Diet makes you observe a proper ration between proteins, carbs and fats. However, you can eat mostly all food groups as long as you eat in moderation and follow the ratio prescribed by the Zone Diet.

What you can eat on Caveman Diet

The Caveman diet, however, places the following foods totally off limits:

  • Dairy
  • Starches
  • Alcohol
  • Legumes
  • Grains
  • Sugars
  • Processed foods

And when you take into account these foods, you immediately are left with severely limited food choices. Also you need to cook your own foods because most restaurants make use of processed ingredients in making their meals. These foods are out because sugar creeps into many foods.

Who is Caveman Diet for

While the Caveman diet is very effective weight loss diet plan, it does require a lot of patience, sacrifice and planning. It might turn out to be real herculean task to switch to paleo diet, especially for those in love with sweet dishes or those who love processed food and have a habit of binge eating junk food.

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For most people, the restrictions are too much and they will quit quickly. The Caveman diet is best for those who are beginning their dieting and want to see if they can pass this harsh diet. After losing a bit of weight and improving eating habits, they will be able to easily ease into the paleo diet and then they will be able to cope with this tough diet easily.

Generally, professional athletes like those are Crossfitters vouch for the Caveman diet because this diet is rich in protein and also the idea that it is a tough diet also fits well with the frame of mind of a Crossfit athlete who is looking to max out with their endurance. This is the type of mindset and lifestyle which is not generally available to an average person trying to lose weight.

You also need to know where you are staring from. If you are overweight by about 8 pounds and have good general eating habits, then you can cope with the Caveman diet easily and shed off the excess fat.

On the other hand if you are overweight by 35 pounds and truly love big glasses of beers, then you should first lose about 20 pounds of your weight with a sensible eating plan and only think of trying the paleo diet after developing good eating habits.

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Why Caveman Diet has high attrition rate

The Caveman diet has some of the highest attrition rates because people start it after being carried away by all the hype about it, thinking that it is easy to handle. But coping with this diet plan becomes a real nightmare once they realize that most of their favorite foods will be off-table with this diet. You are also asked to eat different animal organs in Paleo diet. A lot of people are not comfortable eating the innards of animals. All these are not good as far as compliance with the diet goes.

First carefully gauge where you are standing and only then go ahead with your diet. Do not go for choosing a diet which you think will be too tough, given your endurance and patience levels. And the Caveman diet is as tough as it can get. Surely it is effective but it is also very unforgiving.

Real recipe for losing weight

However, if you are really looking to lose weight without without losing your mind then you need to target a daily caloric deficit of 500 calories and go for 30 minutes of brisk walk daily. You will surely lose weight, though slowly. If you want to speed the weight loss, then you can add occasional resistance training and HIIT workout to this. This is the best way of losing weight without torturing yourself.

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