Why Stretching Is Important Before and After Exercising

stretching before exerciseFor an exercise to be rated as excellent, it must be effective, and for it to be effective, it must have lots of stretching and straining for your muscles. Your muscles should undergo extensive degrees of contraction and relaxations, so that you are able to take the most out of all the stretching.

 However, if you stretch your body properly during the warm up sessions, the probability of suffering from an injury is greatly reduced and tends to be negligible.

Stretching also leads to a higher grade of flexibility in your body. When you stretch habitually before and after your exercises, you will notice that your body has become more elastic. This means that you are now able to twist and turn your body in a greater range of motion, eventually leading to an enhanced performance during your workouts.

Many of us may have realized that we stretch ourselves right after waking up and when are physically tired. The basic reason behind this activity is to relax. It not only provides relaxation and soothing effect to the body, but also to lower down the intensity of stress and fill us with mental peace. This is a benefit that will not only be supportive in our exercise routines, but also in our everyday living habits.

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However, the crucial part is that although it is a very healthy activity to stretch your body during exercise and fitness routine, you should be aware of how to do it properly, or else you might end up in a worse condition. For instance, you should be extremely careful in stretching your muscles when they are cold, because it can do more harm than good.

To prevent these harmful effects from taking place, you should always keep in mind that you have to wan up your body for about 5 – 10 minutes before you begin to stretch. This can be achieved by walking or light jogging to get your muscles to open up and warm up a bit, so that it may become safe to stretch them.

Stretch gently. The principle behind healthy stretching is that you should not feel pain while you stretch. Stretch to the extent when you fee tension in your muscles, but not pain or discomfort. If you overextend your muscles, there is a possibility that you might end up tearing them. Therefore, stretching before you start off with your workout will lower down the probability of injurious occurrences during your exercises.

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Stretching yourself once you are done with your workout, is also very significant. Stretching regularly after every exercise session aids in the removal of lactic acid from the muscles. This helps reduce the soreness that you feel after a vigorous exercise program.

Stretching is a very important component of every exercise and workout. In other words, no fitness routine is complete without stretching, and one should stretch both before and after the exercise. However, if you do not feel like you want to stretch on both occasions, it is better to stretch at the end of your routine, because that’s when your muscles are warm. Thus, you are on the safer side of the fence and the possibilities of any injury are kept at bay.

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