Shakes for Weight Loss: 3 Best Recommendation

shakes for weight lossShakes for weight loss is one of the available product in the market that is most convenient meal substitutes for dieters.  Powdered and instant shakes are easy to prepare and can be brought when you dine out.  Here are some guidelines in choosing shakes and some recommended commercial brands.

Prefer shakes for weight loss that is palatable to the taste – this should encourage you to drink it as often as needed.  The shake should be able to sustain your energy for your day to day activities and has the entire necessary nutrient you need.  During the first days you drink the shake, check for how long it can suppress your hunger.  Better shakes would give you a feeling of satiety for a longer time.  Consult your nutrionist prior to purchasing any shakes for weight loss for your safety.

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Ensure Nutrition Shake

Ensure shake is a ready to drink replacement meal with complete and balanced nutrition that can sustain your daily energy need. Each bottle of shake has 250 calories and 6 grams of fat, servings which corresponds to your calorie needs .  Each is packed with the nutrients your body needs and has a creamy rich flavor that dieters can enjoy.


Myoplex is a meal replacement shake supporting a high protein, low carbohydrate manufactured by EAS Daily Nutrition.  The product is recommended for those who are into body building routines since it also enhances body metabolism and develops body tissues.  It serves more as a nutritional supplement than a dietary aid

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Slim Fast                                                                                                

Slim Fast is sweet to the taste, has affordable cost per servings and has good ration of protein and fiber per calorie.  There are researches suggesting that Slim-Fast benefits improvement of insulin level and blood sugar, aside from weight loss.  It also has a variety of appealing flavors.  Two dozens of shakes packs cots about thirty five US dollars.

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