Rapid Weight Loss By These Exercise Tips

exercising tipsKeep in mind that weight can be lost either by making a subtraction in the number of calories you usually take or by burning more calories. To make a health strategy effective we have to add both of these techniques in it. Exercising, however, is necessary if you’re aiming at a rapid weight loss. Even if you make small adjustments to your physical activity throughout the day, it’ll add up and you’ll notice a change in your weight within just one week. Here are some useful exercise tips to make your weight loss journey easier.

Try to take time out for exercising:

The first exercise tip is to spare time for exercise. One can overcome temptations and cravings for food by taking out a little time for exercising or taking part in any other healthy activities. This will also prevent you from overeating. Some ways of ensuring that you have enough physical activity are listed below:

  1. Start turning your usual chores into opportunities for exercising. Try to do your gardening and carwash yourself so that you burn calories. Finish some tasks around the house to keep yourself physically active.
  2. Instead of worrying about convenience, try to pick a parking spot that is far away from the entrance whenever you go somewhere .The walk to the entrance will help in burning calories.
  3. Prefer stairs over the elevator.

Try to Pick Realistic exercises at the start of every program:

  1. Gradual beginning is nothing to be worried about. Even if you’re taking it slow at first, you can always make changes in your workout routines as time passes and you gain more skills and become more confident. This is an exercise tip which is ignored by most people.
  2. You can polish off fat from thighs, arms and waist in less than two weeks even if you spend a short time period doing circuit training. This training should be a combination of cardiac and fat-burning activities. Chris Freytag had a two week trial and those who took part in it got rid of around ten pounds. ‘Prevention Magazine, tested readers and found out that they got rid of around five pounds in just six sessions. Every session was of twenty minutes. A lot of women’s/health magazines and personal trainers are known to offer similar workout routines. They are condensed to ensure maximum loss in weight and a slimmer figure in just a few days after the beginning of the program.
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Go for a targeted workout program:

  1. You can lose weight quicker through cardio workouts aimed at burning fat. You can also increase your metabolic rate through resistance and weight training. This will help in a more efficient usage of energy.
  2. Those routines which are targeted at burning fat insure a rapid weight loss. You should keep your diet balanced and healthy along with the exercising so that you don’t suffer from any muscle loss. Go for cardio routines. One pound loss in fat requires you to burn 3,500 calories. Interval workouts are the most effective in burning fat. They consist of a short period of highly intense exercises in between a mellower workout.

It is an important and useful exercise tip to keep varying your workout routines. This is recommended for both beginners and those who have been working for weight loss for some time.

Go for workouts which engage the whole body:

Workouts that engage the whole body uses all the muscle groups. This exercise tip helps in burning more calories through more muscles at any given time. It is like multitasking with one’s exercising. An example could be a combination of any type of resistance training with cycling. For the resistance training you could use your arms and try holding small dumbbells over your head. Cycling will be through your legs.

Do moderate aerobic exercises:

These exercises not only help you in burning calories, they help you in keeping your heart healthy too. Some of them include taking a brisk walk, swimming, cycling and working out on aerobic machines. You can also solve your joint problems through swimming along with losing weight with these exercise tips. This is because it has the same effect as running but it burns more calories than running and it doesn’t put too much stress on joints. Make a habit of doing aerobic workouts for around 30-40minutes on three/ four days every week.

Trying pumping some iron:

Another of the useful exercise tips is weight training. Both resistance and weight training can help in keeping the body lean by building muscles and increasing metabolic rate. It helps everyone and works the same for men and women. Those weight loss routines that consist of both aerobic exercises and weight training plans cause a significant decrease in calories. Gaining muscle can cause one’s resting metabolic rate to increase .

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This is the number of calories one burns when he/she is sitting still. According to some studies, uniform weight training can cause a 15% increase in the body’s metabolic rate. Thus, on average, a woman may increase her calorie loss by 200-300 for each day. This training can also help in toning some flabby areas of the body thus making your figure slimmer and firmer.

Try to add enjoyment to your exercises:

It’ll be easier to maintain a uniform workout routine if you chose those exercises which you find enjoyable. This will make your workout routine more effective. Below are some exercise tips for you to help you enjoy your work out:

  1. Take up a hobby that requires some amount of physical activity. It does not have to be a proper exercise. Some examples are gardening, playing with your pets, working on small building assignments or working on cars. All these things help in burning calories.
  2. Games such as volleyball and tennis can also help in the burning of calories. Even playing around with a Frisbee can help. This will make exercising a social as well as a fun activity for you.
  3. Experiment with different things until you figure out what you like. There are a lot of workout routines that can help you. You can even make use of home training programs. An example is that of ‘Wii Fit’. It provides guidelines for yoga, aerobic and balance exercises and strength training within the confines of your home.
  4. Those who have a taste for adventure can go for programs like P90-X. It can greatly help you in losing weight.

Take Plenty of Rest:

Taking plenty of rest helps you to keep your body energized throughout the day. This also prevents you from overeating and decreases your risk of getting injured during physical activity.

Take at least 24-48 hours of rest between the strength training sessions through the same group of muscles. For example leave a gap of one day between sessions of biceps and abs exercising. Try to take a break of couple of days every week.

Figure out the sleep requirement of your body. Those who don’t take enough sleep find it difficult to lose weight.

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