Why Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss is The Best Option

mediterranean-diet-weight-lossThe good effects of mediterranean diet on overall health are well documented. But it is also one of the healthiest diets to lose weight. In this article we are going to explore if the mediterranean diet for weight loss is really worth it and why is it so? But first let us see what scientific research has to say about the mediterranean diet weight loss effects.

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss – Scientific Evidence

Different research studies have clearly established the link between mediterranean diet and weight loss. Studies published in well respected scientific journals like?Metabolic Syndrome and Related Disorders,?Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine and?Public Health Nutrition have all suggested a strong link between the mediterranean diet and weight loss.

Losing Weight With Mediterranean Diet

Let me begin by saying that no diet can help you lose weight. In fact it is the calorie deficit that does.

So what is calorie deficit, then? Simply speaking, when your body expends more calories than you eat on daily basis. The weight loss is strongly linked to calorie deficit. It will not matter even if you do not eat a single carb while on Atkins diet or you eat only meat while doing paleo diet. As long as you are eating ore calories than you can burn during the day, the weight loss will remain a dream. Rather it will keep going up, even while being on a diet.

Yes, the Mediterranean diet does help you lose weight. But remember the word help here. It acts a means to an end and not the end in itself. If you can ensure that you mix the mediterranean diet with a sensible workout plan and a calorie deficit of at least 500 calories per day, then you are in for quick weight loss. The belly fat and all other fat will start to melt from your body.

What makes the mediterranean diet an excellent diet is its high compliance rate because it is an easy to follow diet and most important of all it is delicious. ?The Atkins diet place too many restrictions with your body having strong cravings for carbs. And with this you also get mood swings. Following the paleo diet means you will need to have a hardcore mentality and of course you will need quite some time to adjust to this kind of diet. The idea of eating animal organs like kidneys and livers is not quite fathomable for most people.

With the mediterranean diet, however, you get to eat things like pan seared fish cooked in aromatic olive oil and served with a glass of red wine. The simple though of the Mediterranean diet brings up images of breezes, beaches, and wind blowing hair of beautiful women. It is totally classy and pleasant.

Definitely it appears to be a lot more palatable diet than a caveman diet some hairy cavemen used to follow.

So, let the mediterranean diet work for your weight loss by cooking and eating the foods that are recommended by this diet plan. But keep in mind that moderation is always the key with any diet plan.

You can find your body’s daily calorie requirement easily at this weight loss calculator.

This tool will help you understand your daily caloric deficit requirement to help you lose 1 percent of your body’s fat every week. Simply follow the numbers.

Engage in an exercise routine between 30 to 40 minutes every day. Also add cardio to the exercise routine and start living an active life. You will see your body’s metabolism going up. Being on mediterranean diet also means you will not be eating a lot of junk food. You will definitely lose weight fast without all the stress of being on a tasteless diet plan.

You can surely lose weight with mediterranean diet if you can keep your calories in check and do regular exercise. How can it be said more simply?

Mediterranean diet is also known to decrease your bad cholesterol levels, and prevent chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is surely a healthy diet plan. You get the best of both the worlds. You get to lose weight while eating a healthy and yummy diet. What more you need?

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