How to lose weight in your face

how to lose weight in your face

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Do you have chubby cheeks? Do you have trouble getting good portrait pictures of yourself because you think your face looks fat? Do people still call you adorable because of the fluffiness on your face? Then it is definitely time to unravel the mystery of how to lose weight in your face.

Exercise or Yoga
Exercising or some yoga is the best possible way to cut down those facial fats. The concept behind it is as the facial muscles are contracted and relaxed during exercise, the blood supply to these muscles increases hence producing more sweat.

Sweat is body’s natural way to dissipate heat. As the heat is produced due to facial muscle movements, plus there is sweat. This results in the melt away of fats. Voila, and that’s what we need.

For area around the eyes, widen your eyes as much as you can and to focus you can pretend staring at an object in front of you. Hold your face like this, for ten seconds. Do this exercise at least four times everyday.

For chubby cheeks specifically, fill up your mouth with the most air that you can hold. With the help of your cheek muscles move this air in right and left directions. Continue doing this for five minutes.

yes, it might sound very silly to you that one of the answers to your question of how to lose weight on your face is smiling. Smiling really uses up our facial muscles. If you smile wide and more often, it is going to cut away the facial fat that has been torturing you since ever. And, let me add that smiling so wide that it shows your teeth is one of the proper exercises for chubby faces. So yes, it is included in the answer to the question of how to lose weight in your face.

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Increase your water intake
When you take in a lot of water, for instance 4-5 liters each day-Your body starts flushing out so much of the bad toxins and retain less water ultimately. If you are hydrated, you won’t have a puffy face. For greater water intake also add fresh vegetables and fruit in your diet.

Solving the question of how to lose weight in your face doesn’t only include the things that we have to do, but also the things that we are strictly prohibited to do. This includes saying no to sugar, too much salt or salty food and caffeine.

Sugar and salt have high amounts of sodium in them. Sodium is the mineral in our body known to keep the water from being flushed out. To get rid of fat on your face, completely avoid junk food as it is so rich in sugar. Decrease the salt in your daily meals.

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A human body needs an 8-hour long sleep. It is going to benefit you in two major ways when you are struggling to get a thinner face. When the sleep cycle is normal the levels of hormones stay in their optimum range. If your hormones are in the range, you’d be less hungry and less prone to gulping up attractive foods

Number two, lack of sleep gives you dark circles. Dark circles help the facial fats by giving a bloating look on your face. To minus the puffiness, you ought to sleep well and obviously at night.
Quit smoking and avoid alcohol
Smoking causes your face to age faster and results in sagging. A lot of faces look fatter or chubbier only because their skin is loose or the muscles have started sagging due to either smoking or genetic reason.

Alcohol actually dehydrates your body, this leads to water retention and you end up having a chubbier face. Plus, alcohol has an appetizing effect. It will cause your eating desire to be stimulated and you’d end up eating more.
We finally know how to lose weight in your face, but remember a face should be fresh and happy whether it is fat or thin. You can have a fatter face than others due to soft facial muscles, loose skin, ageing or simply genetic factors. So be gentle to it, and embrace it anyways


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