How to Eat Wisely After Relationship Trouble


IN such times of grief and loneliness, food tends to support our feeling and soothe us just like an intimate friend. It seems to be as necessary in times of sorrow, as crutch is to a man whose one leg gets damaged in an accident and needs support to lean on while walking.

Majority of our population turn to their kitchens’ shelves and counters under such depressing circumstances. Although it’s a common option, but it’s not a wise one – it is unhealthy. It will bring about an inevitable increase in our weight while we flounder with our emotions. How great can be the fact that soon, we will have two things to cry upon instead of one? Bravo!

Out of the many of us who run into boisterous relationships, very few are smart enough to consider healthier options instead of food. Talk to your friends or close companions. Good friends will always divert your mind and help boost your mental independency and self-esteem.

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If you wish to be alone, try doing something that provokes your interests. Make yourself look better by going for shopping, or giving yourself an improved getting a makeover. Opt for any activity that may put your chaotic mental sentiments to peace.

Try helping yourself with a hobby or a leisure pursuit which you haven’t been able to get for a very long time. Work for your ambitions. Join a local fitness squad or get involved in sports. Be busy in maintaining your body, and your mind will gently teach you to ignore all the disastrous grievances that ever supervened in your life.

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Despite all the recommendations stated, the desire for food may still be overwhelming in some cases. If you offer less resistance to food, ensure that you have access to healthy foods or snacks at your proximity. Junk foods may seem to be the most attractive, but keep them at bay. Avoid chips, cookies, candies, and ice creams. As an alternative, consume sugar-fee or low-calorie products to relieve your desire for food.

Almost everyone has an idea of the heartbroken feelings following a toppling relationship or a tumbling marriage, but few realize the element of fact that using excessive amounts of eatables may put the mind and heart at peace for the time being, but that satisfaction won’t last for long. Instead, it may disrupt your health in the life that follows.

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