How Resistance Training Speeds Up Weight Loss

resistance training weight loss

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If you are ready to exert a little more, you can lose a lot more weight and a lot more faster by adding resistance training as a component of your weight loss program.

As a matter of fact you burn body fat quicker by lifting weights as compared to aerobic exercise and this is not completely understood by many people.

Lifting weights for an hour burns approximately the same number of calories as aerobic exercise for an hour however, the additional benefits from weightlifting will continue to accrue even after that hour which is not possible with aerobic exercise.

When you do resistance training, your muscles need to repair themselves after that and in that process, they burn even more calories so you get double benefit. First you burn calories when you are doing actual resistance training for weight loss and then when the muscles are repairing.

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Another benefit from weightlifting and resistance exercise is that you end up building muscles mass and you must be knowing that it is muscles that burn calories.

Women might be worried that by doing this they might transform into female version of Arnold Schwarzenegger but it is not only unlikely but it is practically impossible too for a woman without the use of steroids.

Since muscles burn fat, therefore, you are building a fat burning machine by building muscles which will keep consuming excess body fat during the day, even while you sleep.

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It is the exact reason that those people who supplement their weight loss program with proper resistance training succeed in reducing fat and actually get a lot better result in less time.

There are also other additional benefits too like you actually become fitter, your bones and heart health improve and there is a general positive effect on overall mental attitude too. And there are many people who can solve the overeating problem by just feeling good about themselves.

It is not required that you lift excessive weight for achieving results because even light weight training will suffice to be an additional benefit to your weight loss program.

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