How much cardio to lose weight with success

how much cardio to lose weight

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Do you perform cardio sessions regularly? Do you want to lose weight by doing cardio? Then you need to know everything about “how much cardio to lose weight?”

Cardio sessions help you lose weight by increasing your heart beat. When your heart beat is pumped up, it helps you lose weight in two ways directly. One, as your heart rate increases it requires more energy sources and 75% of heart’s energy sources are fatty acids. Fatty acids are the break down product of fats. Secondly, a rise in heart rate boosts metabolism.

Cardio workouts include a diverse range of workouts. It includes running, brisk walking, jogging, many exercise DVD’s, aerobic classes, dancing and some calisthenics but the question “How much cardio to lose weight” still stands unanswered right there.

The American college of Sports Medicine gave two basic recommendations to do cardio. However, one has to increase these recommended levels and times of cardio to really lose pounds around the waistline and start looking sleek.

First recommendation is to do 30 minutes of moderate cardio five days out of seven days in a week. This is adequate for general health and fitness plan too. The second recommendation, takes lesser time but more effort. The second recommends 20 minutes of intense cardio three times a week.

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The only requirement to get fit is not only calorie-deficit so it everyone ought to know about cardio and also “how much cardio to lose weight”. Many fitness trainers state that cardio doesn’t help in losing weight, which is not possible if we look at it scientifically.

Any work out that cause simultaneous relaxation and contraction of almost all the muscles of your body are going to build up muscle mass and also aid to remove the fatty layer around them. Cardio is also known strengthen abdominal muscles as it helps the core stay back.

We may know a lot of people who exercise consistently but never seem to lose any weight. They might as well be doing cardio but with no visible results. This is because the intensity of every workout you do matters a lot.

Your body becomes accustomed to your calorie-burning exercise after 2-3 weeks. Hence, trainers will always advise you to keep on changing your workouts or exercises after fifteen days. Do not overlook the role intensity of a cardio.

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You can start off with easy cardio. But, as soon as you build up some stamina after a week or so you should increase the frequency of your exercise session and also the level of intensity of cardio ranging from moderate to intense.

The total duration of your cardio each week, for good weight loss results should be at least 250-420 minutes. If you are obese, ten minutes of cardio will make you lose weight easily because you’d find it very challenging in the start. However, after a week add one more day to your cardio routine and also start doing it for 12-14 minutes.

So, good luck with losing weight by the help of doing cardio. As, you finally know the answer to the question “How much cardio to lose weight?” you just need some willpower to wear those sturdy shoes and go outside. Cardio is the easiest because you don’t require any kind of equipment for it.

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