How did Andrew Zimmern lose weight

how did andrew zimmern lose weight

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Andrew Zimmern is a chef and a TV personality which hosts the TV series Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre World and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. It has appeared that the TV host and chef lost some weight, and people wanted to know how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight.

When asked how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight, he said that he did it through a lot of will, and by dieting and exercising.

How did Andrew Zimmern lose weight through diet

Because people wanted to know how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight, he told the secret and said that he started eating less and smarter. Because he was always a junk food lover, he had to reduce that to a minimum, and started adding more healthy foods to the diet. He introduced in his lifestyle vegetables, fruits, legumes and healthy sweets.

This is how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight. He cut back on sugar, salt, bad food and bad snacks in favor to healthier versions like salads, non fried foods, healthy snacks like nuts, dry fruits, everything that would make him lose the weight in a nice way. He also drank the recommended amount of water per day in order to stay hydrated.

How did Andrew Zimmern lose weight through exercises

Another mystery was solved on how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight, when he said that he also used exercises to help him lose weight. He was doing some sort of exercise before, when he was wandering through all those countries, and later on through America, filming his shows, but this time he choose a more professional way to do it.

Bringing into your body less calories than you waste while exercising, leads to an unbalance which will make you lose weight. This is the same thing that happened with the television celebrity. He chose to eat less than before, eat healthier food, and exercise more than he used to and this is how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight.

There are some that say that this is not the only answer on how did Andrew Zimmern lose weight. They say that he might have had help from the Weight Watchers system. Which ever way he did it, good for him for choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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