Are hCG injections for weight loss safe

hcg- injections- for -weight- losshCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin which is a natural hormone occurring in women during pregnancy. Initially, the function of this hormone is to support to the development of the baby by aiding the fat burning reactions in the mother’s body. But lately, hCG injections for weight loss has become a popular norm.

Taking hCG via injections or drops to lose weight was basically a trend that was set off when the British doctor A.T. Simeons’ book “Pounds and inches” was released in the market. This program works by letting you go on an extremely low calorie diets. Any extremely low calorie diet would make you lose weight miraculously.

As many people have been waiting for a magical bullet to shed off their pounds, and become slimmer; hCG injections for weight loss just might be the suitable option to make their dreams come true. A proper low calorie diet with lists of allowed and prohibited foods have also been devised by A.T. Simeons in his book.

It’s important to follow the diet as it is, because taking in such less food disproportionately would leave your body very unhealthy and in a state of malnutrition. Malnutrition kicks off other unwanted cascade of events which lead to diseases.

The loading phase
This phase is the easiest and is made part of the hCG injections for weight loss program to prepare your body as well as boost your confidence for tougher weeks ahead.

This phase is only of two days, but you can eat anything that you want in two days. You cannot eat up to your esophagus to make sure you are storing up food before your hCG dose but you can eat whatever your mind craves for. As the next phase has very rigid rules, you are given liberty about your food intake for two days.

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The maintenance phase
This phase is normally for three weeks, and it’s not all about hunger as A.T Simeons states. hCG helps you to maintain to such a low calorie diet and you ultimately see notable differences in your body.

The diet allows you to have two meals only. These two meals constitute lunch and dinner. Both of the meals’ total calories altogether have to be necessarily below 800 calories. Every meal has to include one protein source, one bread, one vegetable and one fruit as well.

The proteins that are authorized by the weight loss programmer officially are beef, veal, fresh white lobster, crab, shrimp as well as chicken breast piece. You can broil or grill any of these according to the availability and time. Tuna, fish, eel, herring, dried fish, salmon and any picked fish are strictly forbidden.

The vegetables that you can include in your meals are chicory, tomatoes, green beet, celery, chard, spinach, fennel, cucumbers, asparagus, red radishes, cabbage and green salad. Seasonings which are endorsed to be taken in this weight loss program are parsley, garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper and also basil.

You can include any fruit out of orange, apple, strawberries and grapefruits in your meal. You are allowed to take beverages like water, coffee, tea and skim milk but sugar is not allowed to sweeten any of these. Butter and oil is prohibited for three weeks too.

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It seems really tough but there’s enough variety of foods to choose from in these three weeks. These three weeks will leave you with wondrous results and Dr. A.T Simeons have been debating a lot that it doesn’t let your body go into a starvation mode and hCG is the fascinating reason behind it. Also, you don’t get so hungry so maintaining this amount of calorie intake is not much of a job either.

The stabilization phase
As it is evident from its name, this part of hCG injections for weight loss program enables one to sustain the weight loss once you go back to your normal diet. This is a transition phase, in which you’d go back very gradually to the normal routine.

With hCG injections for weight loss being available in the market, this is not it. There are also many companies making hCG drops. If you are going for hCG injections, it’d cost you more than the drops but it’s more reliable and safer because you’d get it injected under supervision. To add to this, homeopathic medicines with hCG are also trending but there is no proven affect of these on weight loss.

hCG injections have got very beloved in a lot cultures lately but it has a lot of side effects whereas there are no healthy shortcuts to losing weight. Many people who have been on an hCG injections for weight loss program have reported of headache, restlessness, irritability, stomach swelling, water weight gain, breast tenderness, anxiety and pain when the injection is given.

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