How to Get Stunning Washboard Abs

Every person on earth has got abs. However, for most people these abs are covered deep in thick layers of flab. The exact amount of fat that is covering the abs is proportional to the extra weight you carry in that particular area of belly.

In order to bring out the abs outline on your belly ( which is actually from where the popular term six pack abs or washboard abs comes from), you should be clear in understanding the exact location of these muscles and what is the function of these in your body so that you can target specific exercises for these muscles.

Medically speaking, it is not a single muscle at your abdominals. These are rather different sets. It is possible to have layers of muscles much like having the layers of fat. You can have the transverse abdominis.

This is a muscles which is located on both sides of your abdomen. It is a vertical muscle. It is an important core muscle which also provides support to your back. This is very important that you improve this muscle in strength.

There are also internal obliques, which are located in tandem with the external obliques. These are the muscles which are in control when you twist or bend over.

When you are looking to build six pack abs or washboard abs, the muscle you will target is named rectus abdominis. It is a muscle which runs along the vertical length of your abdomen and is known as a stabilizing muscle.

Rectus abdominis muscles is ill-defined when you  do not work out. It gets defined when you work on this and it gets a ripped effect which so many people admire and wish to see.

There is a difference in the types of exercise depending on if you just want to lose fat in the belly or you want to get abs in spotlight.

Washboard Abs for Men

It is not possible to ignore the functioning of muscles in the abdomen region in detail when you are looking to build abs. This means that by working on only the rectus abdominis you will be working on only a fraction of the whole equation.

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Transverse abdominis also need to be strengthened. The best way for a man to build washboard abs is not just doing sit-ups.

One exercise which is particularly useful is pelvic tilt with 10/10.

Lay flat on an exercise mat and put your hands either on your abdomen or behind your head. Keep your knees up, and then raise your hips from the floor and hold these in the air for ten seconds.

Lower the pelvis to the floor level again and do the exercise again ten times. Try to pull your stomach inward while doing this exercise because it is a good way to tighten your abdominals.

Push ups are also an option. The standard method is quite useful and it works for your triceps as well. But if you also use an exercise ball, it can further intensify the workout and your abdominal muscles will work out even more in that way.

While doing this exercise, place your feet on the exercise considering it the floor. Because ball is likely to move unless you control it, you will be making use of both sides of the abdominal muscles to keep it stationary and it will lead to muscle strength.

For getting washboard abs, overhead bar is another exercise which is quite useful. You hold the bar, and then lift off your both legs upwards and hold these straight and lifted for a count of 1o. Again straighten the legs slowly and repeat it.

Another useful exercise for working out ab muscles and getting washboard abs is bicycle exercise. Lie flat and place your both hands behind your head. Raise your legs as if you are sitting in a straight back chair and the chair fell backward.

Start peddling your legs in the same fashion like you pedal a bicycle and also touch your elbow on opposite knees as you raise your legs.

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Other helpful exercises to get washboard abs are Swiss ball figure eight movements and crunches. The real challenge is to keep working out the new exercises till the results start showing.

But you surely will notice some changes if you could stick to these exercises for about two weeks. And in a few months you will be amazed at your ripped abdomen muscles.

Women Who Want Washboard Abs

It is a well known fact that building abs and losing weight is more difficult when it comes to women. But women are strong enough to overcome the genetic slight easily. By making use of a healthy eating plan and exercise with weight training, it is very possible to get rid of natural fat which is deposited in the abdominal area.

The women body type also determines the key for women to get a nice set of ab muscles. For those women who have apple shape, cardio exercises are required to be a big factor in their daily exercise routine.

The exercises like side steps, push-ups, bicycle and back arches are going to be the targets for women with slow metabolism.

A woman should target those exercises which target the body type for example squats and crunches. Leg raises are also a good option which are almost similar to pelvic tilt for men but you do not bend your knees.

You rather keep your legs straight and hold them in mid air for a count of ten and then bring these back to earth level slowly.

Another good exercise for women in building washboard abs is seated lifts. In order to do this exercise, sit flat on the floor with crossed ankles. Gently place your hands beside you and tighten your abdominal muscles.

Keep your ankles crossed while you lift up your body. Again hold for a count of 10 and slowly lower yourself back to the floor again.

All the above exercises are very easy and can be done at home without requiring any special exercise equipment.

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