Is Emotional Eating the Reason for Your Weight Gain?

emotional-eating-weight-gainWhen you gain weight considerably it is quite frustrating but this frustration only gets doubled when you can not identify the reason of weight gain. Emotional overeating is a bit complex issue because it may also be coupled with mindless eating. This is something which can happen without you even getting any idea while it is happening. If you are puzzled about the cause of your weight gain, then below given tips will identify if emotional overeating is the culprit or it is just simple overeating which is different. If you can spot the problem, you may well start your way to quick weight loss.

Cause of unexplained weight gain

If you have gained weight recently and are at a loss to figure out how it happened, it is a sure indication that the problem might be with emotional overeating. As discussed above, when you are not aware that it happening when it comes to emotional overeating. You might be doing your exercise regularly and taking good care of your diet by eating healthy meals and still gaining weight. The reason is because you have been eating mindlessly of late when you are having negative feelings.

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Sudden desire

Researchers have noted that urge to eat comes suddenly when it is about emotional overeating which may appear as a strong craving for a typical food or may be just the desire to eat. There is difference here. True hunger does not set on so suddenly. It grows gradually unless you have low blood sugar levels or a long time has passed since your last meal. Real hunger or physical hunger does not take place so suddenly

Depression might be the cause

A lot of research is indicating in the direction of a link between depression and emotional overeating. Do you feel down and depressed quite often? When are your feelings when you are in a depressed mood? If you start to think of a big burger or other comfort mood in such a situation, then it might be a clear sign that your overeating problem is rooted in emotions.

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Have you observed that your weight gain and stressful times in your life have occurred simultaneously? Is this pattern known to you before? Stress and all the accompany things like negative emotions and anxiety can act as very strong triggers to seek shelter in overeating.


What are your feelings when you have eaten your food? Do you feel guilty after it? Do you feel ashamed? If you observe these, then it is a sign that you are having issues related to emotional overeating. One does not feel guilty if eating normally after normal physical hunger. There is a feeling satiety after that.

Typical craving

Many parents must be knowing that genuine hunger will make you open up to most food options. But in case of emotional overeating, only the food you are craving for will satisfy your hunger, which is driven by emotions. You feel that only a particular food can satisfy your hunger.

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