Can Daily Dry Skin Brushing Remove Cellulite

dry brushing for cellulite removalIf you are exploring the option of dry brushing for removing cellulite, then another important question you should be thinking about is if you are ready to brush your skin daily for many months only to see negligible cellulite removal. In fact dry skin brushing has only minimal effects on cellulite, if any. The visible change is hardly noticeable and even that change is temporary and lasts for only a day or two.

What is Cellulite

Before going into details of dry skin brushing, we should know exactly what cellulite is. This is fat. Nothing other than normal body fat. It is exactly the same fat which you see in other parts and organs of the body. Cellulite is NOT some different type of fat.

Why it appears different is because of the fact that this fat is clumpy in appearance at those areas of the skin where it is less porous and thinner. Mostly the skin on your butts and thighs is the thinnest. The only difference about cellulite fat is its appearance.

Most women and to some extent some men experience cellulite. Mostly its the case with women because women generally do no strength training for their thighs, legs and butt. Resultantly, these are untoned areas of the body, with little lean muscle and therefore can store fat easily. Even those women who are perfectly slim also have more fat in these body areas. The only way you can remove fat in the body is with regular exercise and healthy diet.

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Dry brushing for cellulite removal

It is not possible. In fact it is hard to believe that there are claims that only dry skin rushing can remove cellulite.

The concept behind dry skin brushing for cellulite removal is that when you brush your skin, it helps in removing toxins from your body. The more certain way of removing body toxins is doing a 30 minute cardio workout that leaves you gasping for oxygen.

No scientific evidence supports this claim that dry skin brushing for cellulite removal works. Though it is true that fat cells do contain toxins but the best way to remove these fat cells toxins is to start a healthy, clean diet and exercise regularly to burn these fat deposits. It is not scientifically possible to brush way your body toxins.

Even those websites and sources who claim dry brushing cellulite removal will advise you to choose a healthy diet and do regular exercise alongside dry brushing your body 6 days of the week. They ask you to do this brushing for at least a month before expecting any visible change. And even after this time, most people will not notice any change in cellulite.

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A minority number of women who use dry brushing cellulite removal have reported minor changes but the cellulite again returned back in a day, even when removed. The bitter fact is that the cellulite removal never occurred. It was right there in the body all the time. A possible explanation might be that the constant brushing of skin causes it to swell because of blood flow and this tightens the skin. The cellulite fat is pushed back when the skin tightens. And this gives the appearance that cellulite has magically disappeared. However, once the skin swelling decreases, the cellulite makes reappearance with all the dimply glory.

Dry brushing for cellulite removal may be used if you have the time for this. However, the most effective way to get rid of cellulite is eating right and exercising really hard. You can complement this with dry brushing because it energizes the skin and improves the skin texture. The tiny toxin removal benefits of dry skin brushing will also improve your health.

Dry skin brushing is not a cellulite removal solution, just like cellulite creams. It is just an addition to your cellulite removal methods which will make you feel better. With the right kind of diet and exercise regime in place, you can also try dry brushing to feel happy psychologically.

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