Does yoga help you lose weight?

does yoga help you lose weight

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When yoga and its benefits became popular all over the world, people starting wondering that does yoga help you lose weight? It’s time to put an end to this quest and finally know the answer to the question.

Increases one’s mindfulness
Yoga is another way of meditation. Experts say that it makes you lose weight in a unique way rather than the weight loss we link up with vigorous physical activity. As one does yoga, it becomes more aware of his/her body. This makes him realize that he needs to eat wisely and add exercise to his lifestyle.

Make sure your heart beats faster
If one wants to lose weight by yoga, they need to make sure that they do those yoga moves which are challenging for them. If the yoga is challenging, it is going to increase your heart rate. An increase heart rate boosts up the metabolic rate of the body and also increases the utilization of fatty acids.

Prolonged session
As yoga is not one of those high intensity work outs which make you burn a big bunch of calories, the theory put forward behind weight loss due to yoga is different. It states that as yoga normally is a continual long session of 45-90 minutes, this whole time the body’s muscles are lengthening and shortening.

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A good long continued contraction and relaxation of the body’s muscles results in stronger muscles and a shaped up body.

Offers pain-relief
The bitter truth repelling all of us from doing exercising is that it is painful. As the muscles require more oxygen while we work out, they go into another reaction which produces lactic acid. This accumulation of lactic acid in muscles causes fatigue.

However, experts were asked that does yoga help you lose weight and they mentioned in the answer that people who do yoga a few days are known to feel less tired after their workouts. This is so, because they have better stamina and are more positive about their bodies.

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Reduces cravings
People who crave for food less obviously take in much lesser calories than those who do. Celebrities being asked the question “Does yoga help you lose weight?” often say a yes with a dreamy sigh and often mention that its ability to foster an inward focus makes one more compassionate about his/her body.

As the person becomes more compassionate, he stops craving for unhealthy food. Yoga is a physical practice which gives you a sense of satisfaction physically, psychologically and emotionally.

Combine it with a balance diet
Yoga just sets the stage for pounds to be dropped easily rather than causing the pounds to be actually shed off from the body. It is necessary that you pair up yoga with a healthy low calorie diet. Increase your water intake, say no to junk food and white carbohydrates.

Now, we have finally unraveled the mystery that does yoga help you lose weight or not. So we better start learning those postures full of poise to kick-start our journey to a well-toned body.

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