Does Cellulite Massage Work or Are you Wasting Money?

cellulite-massageThere are different massage types like Shiatsu, Thai massage or Swedish massage etc. All these different massage types are based on different techniques used during massage for achieving diverse results like improved blood flow or the lymphatic drainage.

There are also massage parlors who offer cellulite massage. You can also come across many books on the subject of cellulite massage. So naturally the question to ask is… does cellulite massage work?

It might surprise you but the answer is a plain no. It does not work. You might rather go with the other normal massages. Both Thai massage and Swedish massage can help you get stress relief and make your body feel in good state when you are feeling achy and tired.

Cellulite is just body fat. It is not possible to remove body fat with massage. The science is plain and simple.

Theory behind cellulite massage

The theory behind the cellulite massage is similar to cellulite brushing. The proponents of this claim that the blood flow improves in the areas stimulated with massage. Mostly ‘special oils’ and moisturizing lotions are used for massage. There is this myth that body will absorb┬áthese oils and lotions and because of their magical properties, you will get rid of cellulite. But this is so removed from truth.

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The cellulite may become less visible for an hour or two because the cellulite massage might make the skin swollen and tightened. This can temporarily hide the cellulite. However, after this swelling is gone, the cellulite will surely reappear. The woman will feel disappointed and is tempted to think that a few more sessions of cellulite massage might help her remove cellulite forever.

But the money spent will be a total waste. The massage parlors price cellulite massages more than normal massages to give an impression that these are special and effective. But neither of this is true because these do not work as anti-cellulite methods.

The cellulite fat just looks different because of the underlying skin tissues and structures. The skin has connective tissues which are placed perpendicular to the surface of the skin. Because of the pockets between tissues, fat is stored there.

With aging of skin, the skin looses its strength and elastic qualities because it becomes thinner and harder. When this happens, the fat stored beneath the skin gets prominent and the cellulite appears.

Getting rid of cellulite

It is generally said that it is not possible to cure cellulite. AS a matter of fact no cure is required because cellulite is not a disease. It is just normal body fat beneath the skin.

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What you need to do to get rid of cellulite is adopt a healthy diet, get regular exercise and use a good moisturizing cream or lotion to keep skin healthy, smooth and supple. If you use a collagen supplement, it also helps.

Resistance training should be an essential part of your exercise regime. Do exercises like lunges, calf raises and squats. You may also try deaf lifts if you are a bit adventures nature. All these exercises will help strengthen your butt, thighs, hamstrings and legs muscles in general. And all these areas are most prone to cellulite.

Cardio training must also be included. Running, stair climbing, brisk walk, cycling and skipping are some of the excellent cardio exercises because all of these focus on your lower body parts. With a focus on lower body training, you can decrease the presence and prominence of cellulite. You do not need cellulite massage for that.

In brief, the healthy diet and strength exercise are the most effective methods of treating cellulite. Cellulite massage can not help you get rid of it. Save your money for something else and rather invest it on your improving your body by eating healthy.

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