Diabetic Weight Loss Diet

Healthy diet and exercise is recommended for people with diabetes to enable them to normalize their blood sugar and insulin levels.  What’s good about eating healthy meals is that they help you lose weight as you become more conscious with the food selections and serving sizes.  Here are some suggested Diabetic Weight Loss diet plans and references we recommend.

Diabetic Weight Loss through the Food Pyramid

Like the normal American food pyramid, the American Dietary Association has a pyramid for diabetics with a recommended list of food you can consume with most and least quantities.  Six to seven servings of carbohydrates high in starch such as potatoes, beans and squash are recommended. Vegetables and and two servings of fruit is encouraged in daily meals.  Portions of sweets and fats should be the least.

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Diabetic Weight Loss through the Diabetic Exchange Lists

The Diabetes Exchange list categorizes food into seven groups – fruit, starches, meat, milk, fats, sweets and free foods. These categories enlist food items having the same amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrate making it easier for you to plan your meal according to your needs.  The approach for diets based from this list is to watch the servings of each food group.

Diabetic Weight Loss through High Fiber and Low Carbohydrate  Diet

The National Cancer Institute suggests 20 to 36 grams of fiber from fruits, vegetables and grains to be eaten daily.   These sources are rich in fibers and are also considered as complex carbohydrates which promotes slow digestion and steady blood sugar levels.  Fiber increases the body’s metabolism and take care of a person’s digestive system.   It also reduces cancer risks and heart disease.

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Diabetic Weight Loss through Low Fat  Diet

Prefer low fat meat as sources of your protein such as beef, chicken, and fish.  Limit your servings of butter, eggs, cheese ad salad dressings.  A low-fat diet contribute less cholesterol and increases body metabolism to promote diabetic weight loss.


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