How to Choose the Right Cellulite Treatment for You

choosing-cellulite-treatmentThis is a question that is on the minds of many women. The market if flooded with anti-cellulite products and services. There are so many like anti-cellulite creams, electric gadgets that use light therapy, lymphatic drainage, anti-cellulite pills, and cellulite massage etc. This is a 12 million dollar industry.

Different Cellulite treatment options

Because of the availability of so many products, women are often confused about which anti-cellulite product to choose? Should they give a try to the latest ‘scientific breakthrough’ cellulite cream or they need to buy this new UV light gadget? And then there are collagen pills which claim that cellulite will disappear from body within 30 days. So many choices to choose from.

So which cellulite treatment is the best for you?

Honestly speaking, all these treatment options have one thing in common, regardless of which option to chose. All of them are ineffective and will just waste your money. It is a truth that no cream or massage or gadget can get rid of you cellulite.

The only exception is laser therapy which is very effective. However, it is prohibitively costly. So is there no other way to treat cellulite other than this laser therapy?

Well, there is one option, which is not an easy one though. But you can improve your whole life and make your cellulite diminish as well if you adopt this way. It is a time taking method, requires sacrifice and patience. You will have to sweat and in a few cases you will be all tears. However, this is the only way which guarantees long lasting and visible results.

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How Cellulite forms?

So are you ready to start this journey? If you have made up your mind to try this, then read on.

This method tries to reduce the fat percentage in your body. Contrary to popular assumptions and belief, cellulite is not something extraordinary or strange thing because of poor blood circulation or some health problem. It is just pure fat.

And cellulite fat looks different from other body fat because it has been squeezed between the connective tissues beneath the skin. It is totally normal and there is no need for an alarm. Beneath your skin, there are little packets where fat is stored. Once these pockets get filled, then the fat pushes up against the upper skin. The dimply and orange peel appearance of cellulite skin come from this.

Which Cellulite treatment to choose?

Since it is established that cellulite is normal fat, therefore, you can easily deal with it just like you will do with normal body fat. It is possible to burn off cellulite fat by an efficient combination of healthy eating and exercise. Get your body fat percentage measured and then aim to bring it in the range of 15 to 20 percent. This is not what you can see on weighing scale.

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Body fat percentage is the composition of the body also taking into account the muscles mass. It is quite possible that slim women also show signs of cellulite because of high fat percentage in the body. This condition is called ‘skinny fat’.

You surely want to be healthy, toned and lean. Keep a close eye on your diet. Do cardio exercise at least four times a week between 20 to 30 minutes at least. Get your heart in pumping condition and make these cardio workouts intense ones. Also add some resistance training with focus on the lower body like legs, thighs and butts.

Soon you will see your body burning fat from these stores and you will see the lean muscle mass of your body increased. You will get toned and beautiful thighs and legs. Appearance of cellulite will hardly be noticeable. You can always count on this as the best cellulite treatment that you can choose.

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