Why Cellulite Does Not Mean an Unhealthy Body

cellulite-unhealthyCellulite is a fat with a bad reputation. But it surely is not a symptom of an unhealthy body. There are so many misunderstandings about cellulite. There are people on the internet and many websites who claim that the cause of cellulite is poor circulation or drainage system of the body. And then there are others who claim that cellulite is actually damaged fat in the body. And in order to give credibility to their reckless claims that cellulite is bad fat,they also mention some famous athletes that also have cellulite.

Does cellulite mean unhealthy body?

All of this confuses women who start to hate their own bodies. The main stress of this article is simple. Cellulite is fat. And that is all about it. It is just a fat which is stored differently that gives it the dimples appearance on skin which some people find unpleasant appearance. It is possible to burn off cellulite just like other fat in the body and by doing that you can reduce the percentage of cellulite and intensity of its appearance.

Cellulite and heredity

For some women, cellulite has a link with heredity. Those women whose skin is thinner are more likely to show signs of cellulite because cellulite shows easily from the thin skin. There are also some women who are more predisposed to getting fat. It does not mean at all that these women are straightaway in the unhealthy category. And there is a principle at work when it comes to fat gain. They are eating more calories than they are expending and the excess calories are stored as fat. Reduction of cellulite is possibly by reversing this process.

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Why cellulite appears different?

The different appearance of cellulite is because of the tissue structures beneath the skin muscles. These skin tissue structures are made of perpendicular bands with free space for storage of fat. After these free packets between these bands have been filled with fat and even more fat continues to deposit on top of that, then it causes push against skin and the fat becomes visible as cellulite because of the thin skin. But still, it is just fat.

Is cellulite caused by toxins?

There are also others who claim that cellulite is caused by buildup of toxins in the body. There is only partial truth in this statement. Fat in the body does bind with toxins but that is only to save you from disease. But there is no truth in the statement that toxins cause cellulite. But buildup of fat does cause it. You can get rid of cellulite if you get rid of fat.

There is also this common belief that cellulite is an issue only with the overweight women. But there are many slim women too who have cellulite. So, if it is fat that causes appearance of cellulite then why these slim women have cellulite?

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Why slim women have cellulite?

Because, cellulite is not linked to body weight. Body fat percentage is a lot more important number here. Many women may appear slim but still having lower percentage of lean muscle mass with a high body fat percentage. Fitness experts call this “skinny fat”. So, even when you are slim but your body fat percentage is high, then that excess fat is going to deposit at the free spaces between tissues and push up against the skin as cellulite.

Cellulite is no way a sign of poor health. So here is the trick: Eat sensible diet, do regular exercise, keep your skin nourished and healthy, take collagen supplements. This will banish cellulite more than any detox cleanse or a cellulite cream.

The body health is adversely affected if your internal body organs get fatty or you have poor stamina. Health also gets a hit when your diet is not wholesome and you are not doing regular exercise. Cellulite is just an indication of some underlying problem. It is surely not a disease in itself. You can slowly get rid of cellulite by keeping a disciplined diet and doing regular exercise. It will become less visible over a period of time and may eventually decrease to such an extent that it will disappear.

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