The Strong Bond Between Alcohol and Weight Gain

alcohol and weight gainPeople love alcohol and do not consider to give it up when it comes to dieting. But truth is that Alcohol is calories filled and can be one big barrier in your efforts to stick to your diet plan. The relationship between alcohol and weight gain is well established.

If you have strong will power, you may decide to complete stop drinking alcohol when dieting. Alcohol is full of a lot of empty calories, just like soda. There are certain studies which indicate positive health effects from alcohol, but there will not be any doctor who will recommend that you start drinking alcohol when you abstain.

A strong issue with alcohol is that it impairs judgement. When you are making efforts to improve your health, alcohol is hardly a helpful thing. You will forget thinking of calories if you drink more and then the alcohol and weight gain relation kicks in.

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Apart from drinking a lot of calories with alcohol, its consumption also makes you eat more calories in your food as well. Food accompanies alcohol at most social occasions. And it is naturally very difficult to not eat when presented.

Breaking Relation between Alcohol and Weight Gain

However, if you must drink alcohol, then you need to do the following things so that its effects on your diet plan are minimal:

  • Keep track of the number of calories you intake by consuming alcohol
  • Do drink a glass of plain water after every alcoholic drink
  • Consume at the maximum two drinks – this will keep the calorie count low and also your judgement will not be impaired
  • Talk to a friend who should hold you accountable for over consumption of alcohol
  • Get low calorie snacks to go with alcoholic beverages
  • Reduce it to one night per week when you partake alcohol
  • Try to avoid social activities that are centered around alcohol
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Though there is link between alcohol and weight gain, but if you really enjoy drinking and it is a main area in your social life, then it can be quite difficult to eliminate it or even cut it back. However, you will surely see the positive results of weight loss as you track your results of weight loss. The less alcohol you drink, the more weight you will lose.

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