Acupuncture for weight loss – Does it Work

Acupuncture for weight loss

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If you are looking for weight loss methods then you should know that there is a method of acupuncture for weight loss.

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is originated from china and now it is one of the most famous and commonly used medical treatments all around the world. In this technique, long and very thin sterilized stainless steel needles are used and inserted into over two thousand pressure points in the body. This technique of weight loss is famous among younger, middle aged people and especially mothers who want to get rid of their body fat.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

In year 2003, acupuncture for weight loss gained popularity when a famous news channel reported about the successful such weight loss clinics in china. According to Chinese medical theory obese people have imbalanced digestive system and high level of obesity in china has put into practice of acupuncture for weight loss. Few herbs and foods are also used with acupuncture treatment to assist in weight loss and these herbs and foods affect the liver system and spleen right away to treat the root problem causing the gain in weight.

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In acupuncture for weight loss, a patient is first diagnosed by practitioner to search for specific points required to be treated. These are the points where needle will be placed for about half an hour or more and this will be done in each session. Ear staples or ear tacks are used to position the point in the ear and these kinds of ear tacks are where the needle was positioned.

Whenever a patient desire to eat in the middle of regular meal, mil pressure is placed on ear tacks and it is rubbed for about 20 seconds. This result in discharging of endorphin which gives a calming result and make it easy to control the condition. The period of this type of treatment depends upon the will of a patient. The more frequently the sessions are performed, the faster the weight loss will happen.

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One of the utmost advantages of acupuncture for weight loss method is the fact that it is entirely natural kind of treatment and unlike the other weight loss pills and diets, it has no side effects. This does not involve any kind of dangerous chemicals or operation of internal organs.


The results of acupuncture for weight loss differ with every person. However, weight can be maintained for a long period when proper nutritious food diet and exercise programs are followed. A practitioner may suggest various strategies to be followed to support continued weight loss success.

In order to maintain the initial results, treatments might require to be repeated for an absolute period of time. In addition to it, a patient seeking treatment may need an emotional evaluation as well. In this way a practitioner will do his best to determine the finest possible way to put into practice the treatment.

Hence, with proper plan, a person can lose weight and maintain it.

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