12 Healthier Snack Alternatives for Losing Weight

Dried fruit at Florence's Mercato CentraleEveryone feels little twinges of hunger before lunch or dinner. It is important that you take care of your snacks when you are on a diet. Snacks can add up a lot of unwanted calories to your daily intake but by making a few smart choices, you can easily keep yourself on track and remain satisfied.

Given below are some of the low-calorie and healthier alternatives to high-fat and high-calorie options:

Instead of unhealthy snacks                        Try these healthier snacks
Potato chips Baked chips,                                     popcorn, rice cakes, veggies
Candy bar Raisins,                                                    nuts, and other dried fruit
Regular soda                                                                Diet soda or flavored water
Ice cream                                                                       Yogurt, string cheese
Cookies                                                                          Small square of dark chocolate
Sugary cereal                                                              Whole grain cereal
Milkshake                                                                     Protein shake
Cake                                                                                 Piece of fruit
As a general rule, make every effort to switch to natural foods from the processed food because they contain more fat, calories and added preservatives. Good choices for healthier snacks are foods that are rich in fiber and/or protein.
It is also important that you stay away from snacks are healthy only in appearance but have a  lot of sugar added to them. An example are granola bards which have high sugar, fat and preservatives. They are healthy only in appearance and are not the best best of the choices.
It is also essential that you watch out for processed products like fat-free cakes or cookies. These may not be containing fat but there are still plenty of calories bundled into them. As a fact, there are many fat-free products which have more calories than their fat containing alternatives.
If you are really looking for a treat, it is recommended that you indulge in a smaller portion of your favorite dish. As an example, if you want to have a candy bar, try having a fun size bar in place of a full size one. You will still be able to get the flavor you will be craving for but only with a lot less calories.
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