Why Diet Soda is So Bad For Your Health

Diets high in sugar have been linked with many deadly diseases like obesity, higher cholesterol, and of course obesity. These also increase the risk of death from heart diseases. A big percentage of people’s main source of added sugar in their diet comes from ...Read More

14 Easy Steps For Starting Mindful Eating

Mindfulness is an ages old practice of focusing on the current moment and acknowledging the thoughts, feelings and sensations that are associated with what you are doing at a particular moment in time. This is an effective in treatment of many psychological issues and ...Read More

Is Eating Lots of Fruits Bad for Weight Loss

Almost all dietary guidelines recommend to restrict calorie intake from sugar. For example NHS website states that your daily free sugar intake should not increase 30 grams which is about 5 percent of your daily calories. [1] American Heart Association also recommends that your ...Read More

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